MILKED-MALES.COM modeling opportunities


If you would like to model for, please read on.... is a site entirely devoted to Femdom handjobs, where men are often tied-up, with one or more girl dominating them. It sometimes features other domination  scenes, such as strap on dildo, worship and mild torture, but always includes a handjob.

We are always looking for new talents.

Men must be physically fit (Don't you have a heart attack during the shoot!!...), able to "perform" (impotence would be a major problem here), and enjoy being dominated. Due to the many requests we receive for more forceful scenes, we are particularly interested in men who like punishment (cbt, nipple torture, spanking, ballbusting, etc...).
We are also looking for very ticklish men for another site of ours,

Women must be reasonably attractive (absolutely gorgeous is ok as well), willing and able to dominate their partner, lively, creative and enthusiastic. A sadistic side and a sense of humor would be very welcome too!

Of course, all models are compensated for their efforts.

We work in Toronto, Canada, and can be contacted at